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Due to the unprecedented amount of CD's we have been offered this service is closed for November.

We hope to re-open in December.

To start pricing your CD's please click the link below, however we

encourage you to read the short instructions below before starting


We are the only mainstream cd retailer still accepting CD Singles. Therefore we have made it easier than ever to sell your CD Singles. Simply search our huge catalogue and you can view the price we will pay for your CD. You can view a tutorial video here.



Search for your CD and if found in our database simply add the item to cart. If your collection is large or you wish to take a break then please complete as follows, you can complete as many orders as you like.  Once you have completed your selections, go to view cart or checkout and complete your details.

Please ensure your details are correct. When your details are complete go to the final checkout page and (it will state Payment method / Invoice With Order) and select next. This will complete the process and you will view an onscreen summary of your cart. In addition a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Please keep this for your records.


A copy of your order will be sent to us for final confirmation. At this point you are welcome to e-mail us to let us know you have completed the process. However we will also be notified and will be in touch to confirm.


We will confirm the final amount and the CD's can then be boxed up and sent to us. We cover the shipping/postage fees. We can either arrange a courier to collect or you can drop at your local shipping point.


Once we have received the parcel a final check will be made and payment will be confirmed and issued the same day. This can be by bank transfer or paypal.


1. Do you accept ALL the CD's from order ?

We reserve the right to refuse items, however in most cases we will accept most or all the CD's on offer.

2. What condition do they have to be in ?

The hard plastic boxes conditions are unimportant. The discs can be in used condition with some marks or scratches if only on the playing (silver side). However the sleeves and especially the card sleeve editions must be in excellent condition with no rips or significant marks. We reserve the right to refuse if in poor condition on receipt.

3. Limited Editions

Any editions that were released with posters or postcards MUST be included. This will be stated in the description on the website.

4. I have CD's for sale not on your list

Generally speaking this will mean they are not required, however you may e-mail a list to us if you feel they hold some value.

5. Do you accept CD Albums ?

No we do not with some limited exceptions, for example some compilations.

6. Can I send the CD's without the hard plastic boxes ?

Yes you may and on some occasions depending on the number we may even ask you to remove before shipping. However the sleeves and discs must be kept intact.

7. I have another question.

Please contact us at


Watch this short video to show how simple the process is.